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Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA): Positively impacted the lives of 2 million, 1.5 million of whom are Persons with Disabilities. Since 1996, DRRA has tirelessly championed holistic development for Persons with Disabilities. 2 times nationally awarded by the Government of Bangladesh as a beacon of inclusivity, fostering an empowered and inclusive society. Through 10 rehabilitation units and community based services, we provide health and rehabilitation support to 10000 individuals annually. We also support 5000 students through 100 mainstream and 4 special schools. Through our vocational training unit, we train 200 young adults annually, ensuring their economic inclusion and lifelong learning

Service Institutions of DRRA

DRRA Amorjoty Special School

Vocational Training Centre

Rehab Care Centre For NDD People

DRRA TARC- Training Academy & Research Centre


Our Governance

DRRA is registered Non-government Organization (NGO) under Department of Social Services and NGO Affairs Bureau. Our governance structure has been outlined in two tires, the General Body comprising of 21 individuals with diverse expertise and professionals  and the Executive Committee-comprising of 7 individuals. We also have advisory committee for innovation and quality implementation.   

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