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Fourth International Conference on Inclusive Education was held on 12-14 January 2017, organized by Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE), at Krishibid Institute, Bangladesh. The theme was “Inclusive Education is Good: But How to Do It?”  ACIE is a joint initiative of academics, scholars and researchers of universities and professional bodies of different parts of the world aimed to promote equity and inclusion in education in Asian countries and beyond. The aim of the conference was to get an opportunity to share and disseminate ideas, research findings, academic and field-level experiences of different countries to promote inclusive education and with a view to selecting implementation strategy of Inclusive Education for achieving SDG 4.

DRRA, Liliane Fonds, UNESCO-Dhaka, Plan International Bangladesh, ActionAid Bangladesh, Manusher Jonno Foundation, CBM and Save the Children were the organizing partners of this international event. DRRA model of Inclusive education, research & field experiences were presented in the conference which was well accepted and appreciated by the audience. DRRA presented the papers “Socio-economic factors influencing the educational attainment of children with disabilities in Bangladesh”, “Inclusive education for children with all kind of disabilities”, “Experience and Initiatives in Road to inclusion: Education  for the children with Disabilities”

DRRA acquired knowledge from different presentations, shared experiences. In fact, the keynote presentations were fully informative and presented by different practitioners and academicians of different countries. In the presentations, outnumber strategies problem referred as barriers of implementing inclusive education in South Asia. On contrary, some examples of exclusionary practices while implementing inclusion and recommendations of strategies to remove misconception were discussed. The learning from the conference will be helpful in future to plan the inclusive education and advocacy program. Moreover, DRRA was established a stall in the conference venue to promote DRRA and LF activities. As a result, the actives of DRRA and LF were highlighted among participants and appreciated especially from the government authorities.

As a matter of fact GO-NGO collaboration were appreciated in the conference and Government authorities promised to establish inclusive education system throughout the country with the help of NGOs which open the door of DRRA to work with the government more closely. Additionally, working relation was established between ACIE and DRRA. Consequently, ACIE researchers (Researchers of University of Dhaka) showed their interest to work with DRRA in further educational research to promote and establish inclusive education.     

Around 200 participants consists of academics, practitioners, researchers, students, parents, teachers, NGO-workers, public servants and policy-makers from 13 countries were participate and share their views and experience on inclusive education by the 3 daylong conference.

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