News of DRRARefresher training for Community Health Care Providers at 9 Upazila


DRRA is implementing ‘Promoting Inclusive Health and Rehabilitation Services’ (PIHRS) for people with disability at 9 Upazila of Chittagong, Manikgonj and Satkhira district. Community Health Care Providers (CHCP) is an important stakeholder in this project. CHCP who provides govt. health care service at community clinic. Community clinic is the remotest health service centre for community people. The CHCP is the key player to provide health service in the CC. Local villagers are receiving primary health service from Community Clinic. CHCP provides primary general health service for local people. DRRA is working with 240 Community Clinic under 9 Upazila of three districts. For Identification and Prevention of disability DRRA provided ‘Disability Identification and Prevention’ training for 240 CHCPs of 9 Upazila of three districts. In order to increase skill for identification and prevention of persons with disability and refer to the primary identified patients at Upazila hospital DRRA organized Refreshers Training for 240 CHCPs who received training last year.  As a stakeholder of PIHRS project, CHCP can refer persons with disabilities for receiving rehabilitation services at Upazila hospital.

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