News of DRRACase Study: Yesmin dreams to get back her married life


Yesmin has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis affected after two years of her delivery. As a result, she became disabled to carry out her personal and household activities. She cast off by her husband, who got another marriage. As a result, Yesmin backed to her parent’s home with her daughter in Tarail, a Village of Shibalaya Upazila of Manikgonj district. Yeasmin married at the age of her only 13 due to the insolvency of the family, and she gave birth to a daughter within one year of her marriage. It becomes difficult to manage her proper treatment by her father. Despite having financial difficulties, her father brings her to the PG Hospital for treatment. Doctor refers her to CRP for therapy services. But for the same financial reason, she failed to continue getting therapy services from CRP. After having first information about DRRA and PIHRS project she immediately communicated with them and now she getting therapy services and medicine supports from the health complex of Shibalaya, an inclusive health and rehabilitation service providers. Her physical condition has been improved after getting 8 months of therapy services along with medicines. She is now able to carry out her personal and household activities. She motivates other persons of getting inclusive health, and rehabilitation services. Now, she dreams of getting back her family life.

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