Background of the Event:

A talk show on Special Children’s Education during Corona pandemic was recorded at the studio of Gazi TV, a well-known satellite channel of Bangladesh. The program was written and directed by Swapna Reza, Advisor of DRRA. Farida Yesmin, Executive Director of DRRA conducted the program where three students with disability attended and talked about the problems, they are facing in this corona pandemic, how their study is hampered and what they need to study smoothly. In this two-episode program, Sabina Hossain, Secretary, Founder of SWAC, Mother of a person with disability; Dr. Sharmin Sultana and Sazzad Hossain; Teacher, 25 No. Baniajury Gov’t primary School attended the program and talked about what problems their organization is facing in this pandemic

Dr. Anwarullah, Managing Director of NDD Protection Trust, Father of a person with disability; Dr. Sharmin Sultana, Asst. Professor, Physiology Dept. of Marks Medical College, Mother of a children with disability virtually attended first day the program. Nasima Begum, NDC, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh and Mother of a children with disability; Nusrat Jahanara, sister of an autistic child virtually attended on the second day of the program and talked about the problems their family member is going through in this pandemic. This program was aired on GTV on 27th and 28th December, 2020 at 09:30 p.m. of Bangladesh standard time

Purpose of the Event:

The purpose of this event was to reach out to people and inform them what persons with disabilities can if supported with opportunities. Since the program was broadcasted on one of the most popular satellite TV channels of Bangladesh, it is expected that a big number of people has watched it and learn about the difficulties and struggles that persons with autism face every day. The guests attended the program also discussed what should be done and what their respected organizations are doing for the betterment of persons with autism and other disabilities.

Discussion Point:

The speakers talked about the possibilities and opportunities of persons with autism and other disabilities in Bangladesh. What needs to be done for the ensuring smooth education system of persons with autism and other disabilities, where improvement is needed, what coordination will be effective to solve the matters arose from persons with disabilities, etc are the main discussed points.

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