Emphasis on dignity and social protection to reduce inequality

DRRA is working to create an enabling environment for the persons with disabilities so that everyone can participate and feel included in the society. Social inclusion of persons with disabilities is based on the rights of their effective participation and inclusion in societal activities.

For social inclusion it works to provide personal assistance for participation, relationship building, legal support participating in cultural and recreational events, sports.

DRRA provides support for organizing and capacity building to develop the institutions of persons with disabilities, including the formation of Self Help Groups, Disabled People’s Organization(DPO), Federation of Self Help Groups, inclusion in Union and Upazila Advisory Committees, advocacy groups and youth forums for empowerment.

DRRA is working for breaking down the barriers of participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the society which include promoting positive attitude and perceptions, modifying the environment, providing information in accessible formats and implementation of the policies of non-discrimination

Key Strategies are

  • Capacity Building of persons with disabilities and their building of their institutions;
  • Supporting empowerment of NDD persons and their parents’ institution;
  • Advocacy and awareness for legal protection.
  • Removing cultural barriers & promoting participation.
  • Support for group formation and participation in decision making process.

Intervention 2017

8 Union parishad made commitment to consider disability inclusive budget
  • Parents/Caregiver, Teachers, SMC Members, Media Persons

    A total of 61984 persons from cross section of people including parents/caregiver, teachers, smc members, media persons, LGI representative, doctors, care givers etc. are sensitized on disability rights, inclusion through meetings, rally, day

  • We Ring the Bell

    8784 which includes 7583 students with disabilities and without disabilities were participated in “We Ring the Bell” education campaign is organized by 19 POs at 31 primary schools to create attention of policy-makers and others, who are in a position to eliminate the barriers that prevent children with disabilities from going to

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