Inclusive Economical Development

To create and access to livelihood opportunities of the people with disabilities to lead a dignified and quality life, DRRA drives for effective engagement in social safety-net & livelihood scheme for them.

DRRA is operating 5 vocational training centres at Satkhira and Manikganj. DRRA running production and training units alike. Alongside, there are Carpenter training and production unit for NDD at Satkhira, and 11 recycled goods production & training units by women with disability at Satkhira 1 comprehensive farming and training centre at Manikganj for NDD youth. There are Honey processing and packaging and Honey harvesting unit at Satkhira.

DRRA is also providing vocational training to youngsters to its Provati School. DRRA also refer them to Department of Women and Children Affairs for skill development training.

DRRA expects that by its livelihood scheme, people with disabilities will be empowered, enabling to have access to services and to establishing their rights.

Key strategies are

  • Promoting individual entrepreneurship family and group based livelihood program.
  • Skill, capital and asset support for business development
  • Linkage with market actors and branding support
  • Wage-based capacity building and job placement
  • Climate and disaster resilient alternative livelihood development;
  • Promoting social business and partnership
  • Research based disability inclusive business model development

Intervention 2017

601 persons with disabilities received livelihood & trade training

1343 persons with disabilities received Govt social safety net support

98 persons with disabilities started IGA implantation plan by support of DRRA

80 person with disabilities organized & formed 8 Self Help Groups to create livelihood opportunities through sustainable farming

crore BDT loan disbursed to them, recovery rate is 95.65%.

9 SHGs members continuing their vegetable cultivation by their own capital and did not receive revolving fund. individual basis.

17 person with disabilities from 2 SHGs started their crab cultivation and fattening program on individual basis

7 person with disabilities are doing Cow farming

10 person with disabilities are running home gardening

180 Women with disabilities received VGD(vulnerable Group Development)

8 person with disabilities working are home and earning from handicraft & tailoring, 4 girls of them received training from Department of Women

30 women with disabilities working in Honey processing and packaging unit and 50 persons with disability and their families working with Honey harvesting unit.

  • Different training programs

    Department of Agricultural Extension, Department of Fisheries, Dept. of Youth Development like as a facilitator in different training programs, providing different technical guidance to the beneficiaries in agricultural technologies and crab cultural activities.

  • Consultancy support

    Successful crab cultivators & organic vegetable cultivators are also got involved with the beneficiaries and providing consultancy support from the own working experienced

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