Make health and rehabilitation inclusive and affordable

DRRA is promoting inclusive health services for persons with disabilities within available resources. Disability screening, promotion, prevention, medical care, rehabilitation, referral linkage and assistive devices, accessibility, working with and capacity building of hospitals, doctors, parents/caregivers, DPOs are its main area of work.

To make health & rehabilitation services inclusive & available at community levels, DRRA is working at 5 districts along Govt hospitals. DRRA is working with PNGOs in 17 districts on Health. CBM, Ministry of Healh and Family Welfare is working as strategic partners along with JPUF. DRRA is also leading the National network for strengthening the health services provided, and making them affordable and inclusive.

Strategic Objective

  • Prevention & early intervention of disability
  • Screening and diagnosis of disability at early stage;
  • Creation and providence of inclusive and disabled friendly Government health services;
  • Make access and linkage with quality & appropriate assisting devices & technology;
  • Promotion & practice of community based medical rehabilitation through Government and non-Government facilities;
  • Leading nationwide health network for achieving SDG goal-3
  • Evidence based practice and policy advocacy on Inclusive health
  • Make Govt health services available during & post disaster, paying equal attention to mental health.

Intervention 2017

9 rehabilitation units established in Upazilla Health Complex
240 disability support centers established & functioning at community clinics
109 community resource centers has been established. which are managed by parent groups
9 rehabilitation units 5 7 established in Upazilla Health Complex
45,426 NDD children Served under multi-sector CBR approach
41, 3555 person with disabilities or risk to disabilities identified through surveillance
14,950 of the identified receiving health care & Rehabilitation support
6700 NDD children has significantly improved in health and well being as well as living conditions
4282 persons with physical disabilities referred for surgery and advanced treatment at Govt hospitals
289 assistive devices distributed from DRRA in collaboration with JPUF
533 health service providers has been (Govt. & non-govt.) trained on disability screening and early intervention.
4273 caregivers received training on child management and rights
92% Client Satisfied with DRRA Service
222 meetings with CHCP held

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