Appropriate Education by promoting inclusion and enabling environment

DRRA is working to make education Inclusive for children with disabilities. To bring inclusiveness to practice DRRA works with Govt, school management, parents , DPOs, along with children councils. Accessibility, curriculum adoption with vocational learning, education financing, assistive device and technology; working with and capacity building of SMC, teachers, students council, parents/caregiver, DPOs are its main action are as in 2017. DRRA is working with 24 PNGOs in 17 districts on education. CBM, Ministry of Education is working as strategic partners.

Strategies for inclusive education:

  • Early childhood education centre attaching with mainstream school
  • Screening, assessment and linkage with rehab institution for health needs and diagnosis
  • Make functional relation with special school and resource centres for inclusion of NDD children
  • Inclusion of prevocational session and non formal education for out of school children.
  • Promoting quality inclusive learning environment
  • Curriculum adaptation and teaching materials adaptation for children with disabilities
  • Strengthening individual and institutional capacity for quality education
  • Monitoring policy execution and school and doing advocacy for making school accessible and inclusive
  • Partnership with the Government educational departments & school authorities
  • Education financing

Intervention 2017

1413 children and youngsters enrolled in primary and secondary education
1393 children and adolescents girls with disabilities receives financial support for education.
35 primary school made physically accessible
69 Educational institutes supported
1749 students receives different types of educational support
342 students with disability promoted in the next level
70% of Monthly average attendance of student with disability
3276 SMC members sensitized about inclusive accessibility and inclusive environment for all students
66 School teachers oriented to create enabling environment in mainstreaming school
13828 mothers and caregiver oriented on disability and education
651 advocacy meeting at local level held to ensure an enabling environment for the child with disability

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