Promoting community based resilient and disability inclusive disaster management

DRRA addresses disability issues in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Adaptation program to promote equitable rights and the inclusion of the person with disabilities during the stages of disaster preparedness and post disaster management. At the disaster preparedness stage, DRRA emphasised on disaster risk and vulnerability reduction like: alternative livelihood promotion, capacity development and community resilience through social mapping and development and implementation of DRRA focuses on emergency relief and rescue activities with special focus on persons with disabilities by providing essential food, safe water and medical supports. In post-disaster management the organization basically works for reconstruction, rehabilitation, the case for work and sustainable livelihood support activities in its working areas.

Key strategies are:

  • Promoting individual entrepreneurship family and group based livelihood program.
  • Skill, capital and asset support for business development
  • Linkage with market actors and branding support
  • Wage-based capacity building and job placement
  • Climate and disaster resilient alternative livelihood development;
  • Promoting social business and partnership
  • Research based disability inclusive business model development.

Intervention 2017

2614 flood victims received emergency support

17 Union Parishad has inclusive DRM plan & budget

306 village Prepared Disaster risk reduction plan & strategy

65 house are newly made under rehab program

65 family received cash for work

60 family received livelihoods training and seeds

400 persons attend in 5 Rally/meeting on Climate adaptation/resilience, environment protection

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