Inclusive Sexual & Reproductive Health

DRRA aims to enhance the adolescents’ boys and girls, men, and women's sexual and reproductive health and well-being by minimizing the effects of harmful traditional practices, sexual assault, and poor menstrual behaviors. We believe that for people to be aware of their SRH rights, change must occur at multiple levels in society, so we work to provide targeted people with knowledge and information, encourage community engagement and behavior change, build the capacity of key stakeholders, and training community-based youth advocates and peer mentors to introduce socially inclusive, accountable, and responsive services to the targeted groups.

DRRA is representing as a disability working group member managed by DGFPA and contributed to developing a standard operating procedure (SOP) for people with disabilities at the national level. SRHR issue is considered a learning outcome of the DRRA special education program, and it has all the learning materials including the text story books and flash cards.

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