Inclusive Health

DRRA works with the collaboration of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&HW), for making Essential healthcare services available, accessible, Affordable, and acceptable for all. The inclusive health model of DRRA was created and practiced over the decades and found to be adaptable to the existing health structure. DRRA works for system strengthening and parallel to contribute to the practice level to effective health care services from the community clinics to the Upazila (sub-district), district Hospitals, and medical colleges. DRRA covered its primary to tertiary structure and supported it as required.  Capacity building of services providers, introducing rehabilitation services, equipping hospitals logistically, and practicing horizontal and vertical referral mechanisms are the significant changes that materialized in the DRRA-served area.12 Hospitals have already introduced and offering inclusive and accessible healthcare services.  Doctors & health complex staff are now sensitized and capable of screening & diagnosing Persons with Disabilities, as a result, overall services uptake has been increased which is also being recorded in the services register accordingly. A total of 1.2 K Govt. officials were trained and engaged to serve 100K people with disabilities through Govt. Health Services centers. 

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