DRRA organized an opinion sharing meeting on the progress of the implementation of NDD Trust Act 2013 on 6th October, 2018 at Satkhira Circuit House. Mr. Sushanta Kumar Pramanik, Additional Secretary (Institution and Disability) Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was present as Chief Guest. Ms. Farida Yesmin, Executive Director, presided over the meeting. A large number Govt. Officials, NGO Representatives, Civil Society Members, Local Elites and Parents of the Children with disabilities attended the meeting.

Impressed by DRRA activities, particularly, special school for NDD, Mr. Susanto Kumar pramanik ,Honorable Chief Guest said, "To implement Nuro Developmental Disability Welfare Act-13, it is very important to reform the committee and organize meeting regularly at district level and all the respective must aware on this act". He therefore, requested all stakeholders to make an alliance and work for people with disability very closely and at grass root level. 

Mr. Debashis  Sardar  Deputy Director  Department of Social Welfare  says, "Progress of implementation of Nuro Developmental  Disability Welfare Act-13" is very slow due to lack of awareness and because very few staffs of government work on this issue". He then appealed JPUF to take initiatives to raise awareness on this act from Ward to District level.

Mr. Tohidur Rahman Civil Surgeon Satkhira says, "Government is working closely on disability issue. But in implementation of the act we have many limitations. We organized training on how to diagnosis disability and develop some doctor unfortunately they transferred another places".

Thanking DRRA, Mrs. Lipika Mondol Executive Director ONUS expressed, "As an impact of DRRA's work for the person with disability since 1998, I, a person with disability, have been now working with DRRA".  Another person with disability, Md. Mojibur Rahman says, "It is very important to identify and diagnosis of disability, so I would like to request to the authority take initiatives on this issue”.

Executive Director of DRRA said, "To reduce discrimination it is very important to proper implement of Neuro Developmental Disability Welfare Act-13, otherwise we can’t establish a dignified life for disable peoples".

Thanking DRRA for organizing such exclusive timely needed event, District Commissioner and chair of the Meeting says, "We can’t achieve SGD, leaving people with disability behind ". Therefore he requested all to show positive attitude towards them.

To ensure rights of person with disabilities DRRA organized a discussion meeting on 5th October 2018 with Parents who has a child with disabilities, on Nuro Development Disability Act 2013 and its Implementation at DRRA Regional Office, Hadipur. A. F. M. Dr Ruhul Haque, Honorable Member of Parliament. Satkhira-3 joined in the discussion meeting as Chief Guest. Mr. Susanto Kumar Pramanik, Additional Secretary Department Social Welfare   (Institution and Disability) joined as a special Guest.

Parents of Mim who is a children with disabilities, expressed, "Without support of DRRA, my child could walk and move alone. DRRA is the leading organization in the Satkhira district working for person with disabilities. We urge more government support for person with disabilities."

Congratulating Executive Director of DRRA for its notable work for the development of person with disabilities and witnesses of its work, Honorable Chief Guest stated, "I am very happy to because person with disabilities of Satkhira District can depend on DRRA for their development and inclusion. But, we need to work more and for a sustained change, we need to change the attitude." He expressed his eagerness to extend hand for person with disabilities to his level best.

Chair of this Discussion Meeting Honorable Executive Director of DRRA said, "To change the society we need to sit beside all parents of person with disabilities and need proper implementation of different policies and act for the betterment of them. I do believe that the days are not so far when every disable peoples enjoy dignified life." 

Initiated the Government of Bangladesh, DRRA set up a stall the Development Fair held from 3-5 October 2016 at Manikganj district. Staff of 'We Can' project of DRRA office at Manikganj attended this fair. In the stall DRRA displayed various educational materials, assistive devices, posters, handy crafts made by person with disabilities etc. In addition, there were audio-video presentations on the project. DRRA stall secured 2nd Prize among all participated stalls in the fair.

Children with a complex disability often experience difficulties like: reflux problem, feel pain, discomfort, breathing problem, obstruction, while eating up food, resulting grow fear in their mind in taking food and they avoid and reject food. When eating becomes a battle against will, parents also cannot win by forcing their children to eat. Force will only aggravate the problem and children may even choose to endanger their health.

To meet the parents’ utmost need, DRRA arranged two separate day long hand on trainings for parents on the problem in and techniques of feeding their children with complex difficulties. Held at Manikgonj on 3rd July 2018 and at Baridhara on 7th July 2018, trainings were facilitated by Rabeya Neela, Principal of DRRA  Amar Jyoti Badda Special School and  Antoinette Termoshuizen, founder of NIKETON FOUNDATION and Counselor of Education4all, who are also mothers of child with complex difficulties. Total  22 parents of 03 special Centres for children with disabilities of DRRA ( Antoinette Kendro, We Can and Ghior Centre) of Manikgonj and 23 parents from Special school at Baridhara participated that training. After the training they got a clear concept on physical or medical problems that causes feeding difficulty, understanding on refluxes and its remedy, technique of feeding in proper way, parents' rightly behavior during feeding, maintenance of hygiene and quality of food of their children. During the training they have learnt hand on skills of right positioning of feeding and demonstrated them. Parents were very spontaneous in learning with lot of their sharing.

In-house orientation held with 13 team members of DRRA for launching and using DHIS 2 for its Data Management. DRRA's Quality Assurance Unit arranges this orientation for concern staffs. The objectives of orientation was to introduce the team on DHIS-2 and how MIS and M&E integrated into the System. The team is oriented on the technical knowhow for data entry both online, offline and in the mobile as well as for download and share the data. A user Manual is also developed and introduced with the team.

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