Children rang the bell at a time to draw the attention to their manifesto

With the theme 'All Children Are Welcome to School, Including Children with Disability`, 12326 students, with disabilities and without disabilities, of 40 schools in Bangladesh, rang the bell at a time for a minute between 12:00-12:01. Thus they created the attention to the policy makers and others, who are in a position to eliminate the barriers that prevent children with disabilities from going to school highlighting the 10 action points on inclusive education.

In line with the 'We Ring the Bell' program, a global campaign of education pioneered by Lilliane Fonds, an organization based in the Netherlands, this extra-ordinary campaign is organized in Bangladesh by its strategic partner organization Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA) and its 21 partner organizations.

Children got together in school premises and created attention to the policy makers and other through making noise by ringing bells, drums, sirens, flute, whistle, dish-spoon etc. Along with students, 1122 parents, teachers, school committee members, educational officials, political leaders, civil society personnel, religious leaders, NGOs, local Government & local Administrative official, polices and journalists were also participated bell rally where they expressed their commitment by ringing bell.

A poster campaign with the call to welcome all children including children with disability has been demonstrated where 10 action points on inclusive education has been highlighted. There was signature campaign, where a total of 21,220 individuals signed on the manifesto.

DRRA developed one video for promoting rights of children with disability and good wishes message from Rasheda K. Chowdhury, Former Adviser to the Care Taker Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and Executive Director of CAMPE and Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury, Former Member, UN Committee for UNCRPD and Member, Disable Council International, Geneva.

A welcome to school suitcase demonstration was introduced on 5th March at Tongi which will be run in all schools, by rotation, those participated in we ring the bell campaign. The objective of the demonstration was to make ‘accessibility audit’ by the students on their own school, in a funny way.



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