Non-formal and Lifelong Learning

The success and specialty of DRRA inclusive education program is translated the meaning of education into life skill and independent living. In our education program also include vocational learning courses focus on specific occupational trades, which prepares youths including youngster with disabilities to work in paid jobs or be self- employed. DRRA adapted ‘MY WAY TO WORK’ books in local language, which is a full guideline for children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. Pre-vocational course is for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities is 2 years long. A two-year pre-vocational course is offered to persons with intellectual disabilities.  Hear DRRA move forward with only youth with disabilities and also embedded rehabilitation support along with market links for pre-vocational graduate students. DRRA follows two distinct approaches: one involves using community resources and space, and the other involves setting up formal workshops for pre-vocational courses in a number of trades, including carpentry, agriculture farming, livestock farming, grocery business, food processing, and caregiver training.

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