DRRA works on a multi-tier approach to providing primary and disability health care. The first step in providing the correct healthcare in high quality is always to identify one’s disability through surveillance, assessment and correct diagnosis. Preventing disabilities involves various rigorous activities including providing antenatal and postnatal care, immunization to mothers and children, surgical intervention, and nutrition and vitamins to prevent malnutrition leading to disabilities. Of course, awareness is raised through help educations in schools and through other platforms, as commoners’ knowledge on each of these factors is essential for the method to be successful. Medical rehabilitation covers an important portion of our work. Therapeutic intervention is provided to children with disability through health institutions of the government and Egos, Day Care centres, Community Resource Centres for the Disabled (CRCD), Government Hospitals and at their doorstep. Every child with a disability deserves an enabling environment, socially and culturally, be it at home, in their community or even their health institutions. DRRA helps to make the required adaptation for this.

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