News of DRRADRRA provides rehabilitation support to the persons with disabilities affected by the Cyclone `Roanu’


The cyclone ‘Roanu’ attacked Chittagong district on 22nd May 2016. Mainly its massive hit affected Banshkhali Upazila adversely. The houses of Khankanabad, Baharchara, Gondamara, and Sanua unions were totally ruined and smashed by the cyclone. Six villages fully and seven villages partly affected by the Cyclone. In Banshkhali Upazila, 10 people died and 20,000 families including persons with disabilities badly affected. About 2,000 households fully and 5,000 households partially devastated by the Cyclone. The Roanu damaged the houses and assets of 65 families of persons with disabilities. In response to the emergency needs of the affected people, DRRA distributed house repairing materials and cash money to the families of 55 persons with disabilities and 10 other affected families. The relief materials and monies distributed on November 3 at Khankhanabad Union, November 4 at Gandamara Union and November 5, 2016 at Sanua Union of Banshkhali Upazila in the presence of Chairmen, Members, Journalists, representatives of Disabled People’s Organizations and DRRA officials were present during the relief distribution. As a part of the rehabilitation program 30 persons with disabilities received training on livelihood activities.

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