News of DRRARefreshers training on disability identification and prevention for Doctors of Manikgonj district


DRRA organized a refreshers training on disability identification and prevention for government doctors at Manikgonj. The refresher was a part of the main training which was conducted for 100 government medical doctors and community-based healthcare providers in last year. The refreshers training basically focused the risk factors to disability, prevention of Neuro-developmental disorders and Autism, Mental Retardation and disability due to mental disorders. Also, the nature and causes of 12 types disabilities discussed in the training. The day-long training was held on 12 June 2017 at Manikgonj Civil Surgeon Office Auditorium. A total 21 Government doctors of Manikgonj district attended the training. DRRA Executive Director, Ms. Farida Yesmin facilitated the training. Dr. Md. Kurshid Alam, Civil Surgeon of Manikgonj inaugurated the training.

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