News of DRRAConsultation on Inclusive Health Alliance Formation


A consultation meeting for organizing an alliance on inclusive health was held on 6 April 2017.  DRRA initiated the consensus of the necessity of forming a platform to conduct policy advocacy for Inclusive Health. After several primary discussions and groundwork by DRRA and CBM, this meeting called among the partners of CBM and other national and international organizations who are working in the health sector to form the alliance for promoting disability-inclusive health system and program in Bangladesh. In this meeting the representatives of DRRA, CBM, ADD international, CRP, CDD, NGDO, Kumudini and Glencoe Foundation, Nawzowan, MJF and Handicap International attended the meeting.

Mr. Shahnawaz Qureshi welcomed the participants and stated the background of the meeting. Ms. Farida Yesmin explains the necessity of advocacy for accessibility and inclusive education. She emphasized to take joint initiatives of advocacy with Govt. and Policymakers for ensuring inclusive health issue effectively. The meeting unanimously agreed that the organizations working in disability sector need a common platform to advocate disability inclusive health services from the government health system and to reduce policy gaps in the mainstream health system. The participating organizations shared their interventions and working experiences on disability inclusive health services.

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