News of DRRAMeeting with Institute of Pediatric Neuro-disorder and Autism (IPNA)


A bilateral meeting between DRRA and IPNA was held on 29th April at IPNA office in BSMMU. Dr. Shahin Akhter of IPNA and Ms. Farida Yesmin of DRRA represented respectively their own organizations. The meeting discussed the progress of research project which will be implemented by IPNA and the scope of the collaboration of both organizations in conducting the studies as DRRA has the experiences in this ground. The study will create an opportunities to start the new project in a new pattern, especially for the NDD children. DRRA and its partner NGO can assist to IPNA for conducting their study and find out more beneficiaries for implementation by DRRA and its PNGOs. Meeting also discussed another role of DRRA like policy implication, training to the doctors and surveyors. 

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