News of DRRA“We Ring the Bell”—- the campaign for Education of children with disabilities


DRRA organized “We Ring the Bell” campaign on 22 March 2017 to draw the attention of policy-makers, parents, teachers, school authorities and others to create enabling the environment for disability inclusive education. The campaign is a call for blowing mindset of the people including influential to eliminate all barriers towards education for all children with disabilities. On the day, just at 12 pm, thousands of bells rang in 12 districts at a time. The students, teachers, and parents were jointly participated and rang the bell all through one minute. As a part of the country program of LF-DRRA every year in March, DRRA organizes this campaign. It’s a worldwide program of LF and Bangladesh is a part of that.  This year almost 8500 students of 16 schools including children with disabilities participated in the campaign.

Parents, teachers, school committee members, education officials, civil society members, religious leaders, Government & Non-government officials and journalists were present during the campaign. The campaign sensitized and inspired them for playing the role of inclusive education from their position.

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