News of DRRADRRA is an active member of LINC-Asia the network for an inclusive society


As a member organization of LINC-Asia, DRRA is now actively participating and playing the role for the initial development and organizing the network. This network is part of the global Liliane International Network Community, which is an initiative of Liliane Fonds and its Strategic Partner Organizations (SPO) in the different region. LINC envisions to be a dynamic network which strives for an inclusive society where all children can enjoy their human rights in a dignified manner. As a mission, the network aims to strengthen the capacity of its members and to unite the members in achieving the objectives, especially in the field of learning, advocacy and resource mobilization. As a first initiative, LINC-Asia has decided to work on a common project on the physical accessibility of schools in the region. DRRA is now giving the support to the network for developing the guiding principles, terms of references within the working groups of different regions. As the first initiative, DRRA will start the study and advocacy on school accessibility in Bangladesh very soon.

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